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Keane: Origins O'Callaghan, Eoin

ISBN: 9781781177310

Pick your favourite Roy Keane moment. The header against Juventus? The tunnel clash with Patrick Vieira? The bone-crunching challenge on Marc Overmars at Lansdowne Road? All worthy choices that complement his aggressive, combative warrior persona. But that was Version 2.0.

Keane: Origins delves into the inexplicable story of what came before. Focusing on the period between 1988 and 1993, it charts Keane's journey from an economically-ravaged Cork to a spectacular three-season spell under Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest via a memorable stint on a government-funded training scheme and brief spell in the League of Ireland.

With contributions from former team-mates, coaches and those who knew him best, Keane: Origins examines a largely over-looked, under-appreciated and unheralded time in the legendary midfielder's career that set him on the path to immortality.





  • Keane: Origins

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