Riegel, Ralph & John O'Mahony  

Missing in Action: 50 Year Search for Ireland’s Lost Soldier


the untold story of Trooper Patrick Mullins, an Irish UN soldier who went missing during a bloody ambush in the Congo on 15 September 1961. Missing in Action’ unveils his heroic last stand through survivor interviews and military intelligence, shedding light on a five-decade-old mystery.

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On 15 September 1961, Trooper Patrick Mullins (18) was posted missing after the bloody ambush of an Irish UN convoy in a suburb of Elisabethville in the Katanga province of the Congo. The circumstances of that fateful day have remained shrouded in confusion and contradiction for five decades - until now. Missing in Action reveals for the first time how an ill-equipped and heavily out-gunned Irish soldier fought with astonishing courage against heavily armed and ruthless Katangan gendarmes. Through interviews with the survivors and access to military intelligence sources, the truth about Trooper Mullins' heroic last stand and ultimate fate can now be told.


‘A gripping read that will keep you reading right to the end’

– Evening Echo


‘The heroism of Trooper Pat Mullen will never be forgotten’

– Irish Independent



– Sunday Independent