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Agnes Morrogh-Bernard: Molloy, Margaret

ISBN: 9781781173305

In 1892 hunger, poverty and desolation were endemic in the area around Foxford in County Mayo in the aftermath of the great famine and the Land War. It was in this context that Agnes Morrogh-Bernard, a member of the Irish Sisters of Charity, achieved what many thought was impossible. She was a pioneering and visionary woman who, in a male dominated society, managed to establish the world famous Foxford Woollen Mills, which to this day provide an important source of employment to the surrounding area. This is her incredible story. She lived through a time spanning the 19th and early 20th centuries, 1842–1932, a time of strife and unrest, emigration and eviction. Into this mix, this woman brought hope where there was despair, light where there was darkness and joy where there was once sadness. She also had absolute trust in Providence, which was her bastion in this quest. Her story is a fascinating one, whether you are familiar with the area or not.

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