Cashin, Claire  

Will You Be Here When I Get Home


The dramatic true story of one womans search for her biological mother.

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Claire Cashin was adopted. In her youth, she experienced many personal challenges because her birth mother gave her away. This led her in search of her biological mother. 


This is a true and very honest account of adoption, search and reunion. It examines in depth how adoption can affect the individual and their loved ones. It does not shy away from the reality of what a reunion can mean and how hard it can be at times, or indeed what joy it can add to people's lives. The story describes in fascinating detail what the reality can be like for many adopted people and what challenges their families may face as they mature and wonder about the circumstances of their adoption. It attempts to offer advice to anyone considering searching for their own answers, from someone who has gone through the process, made the mistakes, learned some lessons along the way and is still smiling. 


This book describes the mistakes and triumphs she made along the way and how the news of a new birth family has affected her adopted family in Cork, and changed Claire forever. It gives hope and advice to families who wish to help and understand the dynamics involved in adoption and reunion.


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ISBN 9781856355216

About the Author

Claire Cashin lives in Cork. She is adopted and began the search for her birth mother ten years ago. She qualified in hotel management and personnel management, and now works as a legal secretary. Will You Be Here When I Get Home? is her first book.