Loughrey, Eithne  

Annie Moore: The Golden Dollar Girl


This second book in the trilogy telling of Annies new life in America.


The second book in the Annie Moore trilogy - it charts the further adventures of Cork-born Annie Moore, who was the first immigrant to land at Ellis Island, New York, in 1892. Four years later, Annie, now aged seventeen, has left her family in New York and moved out west to Nebraska.


Life in the West is unlike anything she has experienced before but Annie soon adapts, and before long she has an admirer. Annie is confused - she is interested in Carl but cant get Mike Tierney, whom she first met on her voyage to America from Ireland, out of her mind. But does Mike feel the same way?


About The Author

Eithne Loughrey has a background in speech and drama teaching, features writing and copy-editing. She worked as a features writer with the Irish Independent until 1995. While researching something else she came across the story of Cork-born Annie Moore, the very first emigrant to be processed at the newly-opened immigrant station at New York in 1891. A sculpture of Annie has been erected at Cobh in County Cork and in the museum on Ellis Island. Eithne became fascinated by Annie Moores story and determined to write a book about her. Because little is known about Annies subsequent life in the United States, Eithne wrote this book as fiction which developed into a trilogy. Eithne is married with a grown-up family and lives in Dublin