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Harry Boland Maher, Jim

ISBN: 9781781176603

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Harry Boland was an ardent and prominent Republican. A loyal confidant to De Valera. A close friend and, later, a love rival to Michael Collins for the heart of Kitty Kiernan.

This is his definitive story, a detailed and dramatic account of the part he played in Ireland’s struggle towards independence. Jim Maher’s biography covers Boland’s role in the 1916 Rising, his involvement with Sinn Féin and his work in the 1918 general election, all the way up to his time in America during the War of Independence, when he came to national prominence campaigning for American support for Irish freedom. A revered and tragic figure, it also details Boland’s subsequent return to a broken homeland on the cusp of Civil War, and his ill-fated attempts to stop the worst from happening. Irish freedom meant everything to Harry Boland, and he was to give everything to try and make it a reality.


  • Harry Boland

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