Feehan, John M.  

The Irish Bedside Book


Immerse in Irish culture with this book, an inspiring mix of songs, stories, poems, and more. Ideal for bedtime reading or travel. A true gem for those who value Ireland’s rich heritage.


First published on 1 January 1981. This is a book which will remind you of those things about Ireland that you would like to remember and read over and over again. In these pages you can let your mind wander in lazy reflection through song, story, poem, speech and anecdote with a delightful blend of inspiration, consolation and laughter. At the end of a tiring day what better way to guide the early eyes to sleep than with a soothing thought from the mind of an Irish writer. But The Irish Bedside Book is not only a bedtime reader it is also a friend on journeys by land, sea or air - an inseparable companion for all those who love Ireland. It is a book that could truthfully be classified as one to be taken and cherished if one had to live alone on a desert island.