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Keane, John B.

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John B. Keane's Christmas and Other Stories CTD City Theatre Dublin and Mercier Press present exclusive archival recordings of 'Christmas and Other Stories by John B. Keane', a masterful collection of stories filled with moments of pure magic, written and read by one of Ireland's most beloved authors. Edited by Michael Scott. Narrated with warmth and wit, this compilation brings to life a series of tales that resonate with love, romance, the perils and Joys of Alcohol and Christmas Spirits of many kinds both fun and scary. In these accounts of the heart-warming, the funny, the dramatic and the sad, the traditions and culture of a disappearing rural Irish Christmas are brought to life with a magic that will warm winter days and delight anyone who believes in the spirit of Christmas. Keane's unique ability to blend humour with poignant reflections is perfectly encapsulated in his own words: 'When Christmas came to our street it came with a loud laugh and an expansive humour that healed old wounds and lifted the hearts of young and old.' These stories, ranging from heart-warming anecdotes to dramatic and humorous escapades, embody this sentiment, offering a glimpse into the soul of Irish Christmases past. Suitable for cosy winter evenings, 'Christmas and Other Stories by John B. Keane' is more than a collection of stories; it's an experience of the legendary craic from John B. Keane's pub in Listowel, Co. Kerry, so pull up a chair, get comfortable, and listen to a master storyteller at work. John B. Keane's stories, brought to life in this superb recording, promise to entertain, enlighten, and spread the joy of an Irish Christmas to all who listen €19.99