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Mercier Press Photographic Archive

The photographs in the Mercier Press archive vividly illustrate the key events of the decade 1913–1923, which encompasses the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War.
During this decade photography became more available as a way for people to capture everyday life and record events as they happened. Photography played an important role in visually documenting the Irish Revolution, and was also used for intelligence and propaganda purposes. Both British forces and the IRA used photographs to identify enemy targets. Photography was also used to highlight atrocities committed by both sides during the Revolution through the country.

Click on the below link or watch the below video to see samples from our archives and please contact the Mercier Press office on 021 4614700 or at if you have any queries

You can also see some of our images on flickr.

Photographs from our archives can also be seen in our publications and, in particular, in our title Revolution: A Photographic History of Revolutionary Ireland 1913-1923