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You Shot My Dog and I Love You

ISBN: 9781781177211

‘My parents were now dabbling with drugs and Southern Comfort, even going so far as to put a selection of hallucinogens into my bottle to witness the effects for their own amusement. I only know this because my mum made no attempt to hide it, often speaking openly about their experiments with my milk supply. Her only regret being the time she added a small amount of speed to my formula to see how long it would take me to fall asleep.’

Set in the UK and Ireland in the late 1970s and early 1980s, You Shot My Dog and I Love You, is a harrowing story of horrific physical and mental abuse inflicted on the author at the hands of his parents. In addition, the author's parents demanded that he assist them in their life of crime, go on the run in Europe to evade the law, and hide out in a caravan from the local police force. This is just some of the trauma that the author writes about. The story is intertwined with darkly comic elements to provide relief from the disturbing events of a tumultuous childhood.

Due to the nature of the content You Shot My Dog and I Love You is written anonymously.


  • You Shot My Dog and I Love You

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