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Watering The Desert Callanan, John

ISBN: 9781856354448

New Zealand probably has more resident birds that cant fly than any other place on earth. Im told that long ago these birds could fly but life was so good in their land and enemies so few that they saw no reason to exercise and develop their God-given talent, and thus they let these attributes fall into disuse. If you dont use the talent, you lose the talent, and thats exactly what happened. We dont want to be like the Kiwi bird. Faith may have been handed on to us, but if we let it lie dormant, it will surely wither. 

The philosophy of life and prayer practices offered in this book capture some of Anthony de Mellos unique holistic approach to spirituality. Wherever he went, de Mello touched the minds, hearts and spirit of his listeners. This book hopes to continue his work. It blends the rich insights of Eastern and Western Spirituality, thus encouraging Christians to keep going in their search for truth and vibrancy.

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  • Watering The Desert