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The Munster Republic - The Civil War in North Cork

ISBN: 9781856356565
€16.99 €15.29

The fall of Limerick and the Free State victory during the pitched battle at Kilmallock started a new phase of the Civil War.


Although the towns of North Cork were occupied by Free State troops, the IRA brigades under officers like Liam Deasy, Tom Barry and Liam Lynch were still active until 15 May 1923 when HQ Cork No. 4 Brigade issued orders warning all officers who failed to obey the ceasefire order that they would face court-martial.


This book follows the action that took place in the 'Munster Republic' from the start of the war, including the brief period of Republican ascendancy in the autumn and winter of 1922-23 and assesses the factors that enabled the Free State forces to gradually and generally peacefully take control of North Cork in the spring and early summer of 1923.


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ISBN 9781856356565

  • The Munster Republic - The Civil War in North Cork