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The Field Keane, John B.

ISBN: 9780853429760

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The Field is John B. Keane's fierce and tender study of the love a man can have for land and the lengths of ruthlessness he will go to in order to obtain the object of his desire. It is dominated by the Bull McCabe, one of the most famous characters in Irish writing today. 


An Oscar-nominated adaptation of The Field proved highly successful and popular worldwide, and stared Richard Harris, John Hurt, Brenda Fricker and Tom Berenger.


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ISBN 9780853429760

John B. Keane was one of Ireland's most humorous authors and is still recognised as one of Ireland's greatest playwrights. He wrote many best-sellers, including Letters of a Successful TD, Letters of an Irish Parish Priest, Letters of an Irish Publican, Letters of a Matchmaker, Letters of a Love-Hungry Farmer, The Gentle Art of Matchmaking, Irish Short Stories, More Irish Short Stories, The Bodhrán Makers and Man of the Triple Name. His plays include The Year of the Hiker, Big Maggie, Sive, Sharon's Grave, Many Young Men of Twenty, The Man from Clare, Moll, The Change in Mame Fadden, Values, The Crazy Wall and The Buds of Ballybunion.


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