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The Civil War in Kerry Doyle, Tom

ISBN: 9781856355902

Kerry was the scene of some of the bloodiest and most protracted fighting during the civil war. When Free State troops landed dramatically by sea, taking the anti-treaty forces by surprise, the initial fighting was intense. Soon resistance by large groups became rare and the sides settled into a prolonged period of guerrilla conflict.


The Civil War in Kerry builds an insightful picture of the conflict and its principle participants. Looking at both sides and their motivations, their challenges and also their similarities, it draws a complete picture of the county during this troubled period.


By following events to the general election in 1923 when a degree of normality returned, it also shines a light on how the non-combatants of Kerry judged the conflict and how the war shaped the future of politics in the county for decades to come.


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ISBN 9781856355902




  • The Civil War in Kerry