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The Peeler's Notebook Kennerk, Barry

ISBN: 9781781177099

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Dublin during the nineteenth century could be an unforgiving city, especially for the unwary. Established in 1836, the Metropolitan Police who patrolled its dark alleys and streets fought running battles with violent tenement mobs, Fenian rebels, street gangs and self-proclaimed kings.


The Peeler's Notebook introduces the reader to a host of forgotten Victorian dangers, from rabid dogs and disease epidemics to garrotte-wielding thieves who plied their trade in the ever-present fog. Drawing on a selection of archival sources and newspaper accounts, this book casts fresh light on one of the liveliest eras in the history of Irish policing; in the process adding a raucous, sometimes poignant miscellany of tales to the story of Dublin's past.


  • The Peeler's Notebook