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Tír na nÓg - A New Adventure

ISBN: 9781856355971
€14.99 €13.49

Illustrated adventure story about a visit to a magical island which appears at a certain time, on a certain day, every seven years. Adults have tried to reach it for centuries, but have always failed. 


For centuries, Princess Niamh wondered what had become of the great love of her life, Oisín, the great warrior poet of the Fianna. At the appointed time, every seven years, she went in search of him. 


Ten year old Luke Silke and Danielle Furey and David OBrien, aged twelve, lived on the Aran Islands. One day as they were playing on the strand they saw a figure loom out of the haze. A huge white horse with silver shoes emerged and galloped across the waves towards them - it was Princess Niamh, Cinn-Ó'ir, of the Golden Hair. 


When the children asked if they could visit Tir na nÓ'g Niamh said that, although, her horse was big and strong enough to carry all of them, it would be dangerous. If for any reason they dismounted and stayed any length of time in Tir na nÓ'g, they might never be able to return to their own time and place. They decided to go with her and witnessed the re-union of Oisín, and Niamh, but then they had to figure out how to get back home....


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ISBN 9781856355971




  • Tír na nÓg - A New Adventure