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Sweet Caroline: A Mother's Journey; A Daughter's Survival Against All the Odds

ISBN: 9781856359351
€14.99 €13.49

A moving and inspirational account of a mother's journey through a harrowing pregnancy and a year in the life of a very special little girl. Caroline, born at thirty-seven weeks weighing only two pounds nine ounces, defied many predictions that she would not make it to a viable birth weight, but she did - against all odds. These odds not only included physical growth retardation but her parents taking the lonely road to Britain for what could have been the end of her life.

From a positive pregnancy test through to life in the neonatal unit, to Caroline's first Christmas, this is ultimately a positive and uplifting story, told by Caroline's mother describing her experiences and sharing her deepest hopes and fears when her life was turned upside down. The message is one of absolute hope and defiance of the odds that threaten us with defeat on life's journey.

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There is definitely a sixth sense in women. It is not really a feeling: it's even more innate than that. It is a gut instinct that tells you to do a pregnancy test now, right away. I got that sense on a rainy, depressing Monday in January 2008 as I left school at lunchtime to get a coffee and a break from the back-to-school chaos that accompanies a new term. No matter how long they have been in schools, most teachers of teenagers would agree that on the first day back after holidays they feel a hint of trepidation, which they overcome by marching into the first class of the day and getting on with the drama of their teaching life. The morning had gone okay for me, except for the niggling feeling that I had to get to a pharmacy to do a pregnancy test. It was ridiculous, really; my husband Colin and I had decided quite quickly over Christmas that we would love to have one more baby and, since I had just turned thirty-seven, it seemed unlikely that we would be lucky enough not to have to wait at least a few months. As I walked towards the shops, I found myself wondering whether there was any point in wasting money on a test, as my period was not due for a few days. But I knew myself well enough to realise this attempt at being rational was futile; I walked on into the pharmacy, led firmly by my gut, and promptly bought a pregnancy test.

I then went to a small café and ordered a coffee, finding myself asking for a decaf to be healthy (just in case), and went off to the ladies to do the test. Back at my table, I sipped at my coffee for the few minutes the test would take, and then, as covertly as was possible in a full café, sneaked a glance at the result. For a few seconds I had the sinking feeling I've always had when a pregnancy test has been negative - the pink line I was looking for in the test's second viewing window didn't appear. With a pregnancy test, however, it seems impossible to take just one look at the result and put it away. I found myself examining it more carefully, turning and twisting the testing stick around in the light, almost wishing for the line - which would indicate a positive test - to appear. Then I thought I saw something, as the light caught the testing stick from one angle in particular. I raced outside to check more carefully. Sure enough, the faintest line imaginable was visible in the second window. I could not believe it and stood for a moment in total surprise. An excited smile began to spread across my face as I thought, Welcome, baby number four. Little did I know at that moment that this little baby was going to turn our lives upside down.


ISBN 9781856359351

  • Sweet Caroline: A Mother's Journey; A Daughter's Survival Against All the Odds