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Spirit of Tony de Mello Callanan, John

ISBN: 9781856350440

This book captures the essence and spirit of Tony de Mello. He was a great teacher who constantly challenged himself, the world within which he lived and those he came into contact with. De Mello said that our security does not lie in thoughts or ideas no matter how profound. Neither does it lie in traditions - no matter how hallowed. Security can only reside in an attitude of mind and a readiness to reflect deeply, thus subjecting any and every belief to rigorous questioning. John Callanan starts the book with an opening chapter on the basics of prayer. Then he moves on to try and give a flavour of the ideas and themes which gave so much zest and life to Tony de Mellos presentations. The exercises in this book are based on the prayer style which Tony himself developed during his retreats.
ISBN 9781856350440

  • Spirit of Tony de Mello