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Small Wonders Kenneally, Christy

ISBN: 9781856354820



Small Wonders brings together Christy Kenneally's two best-selling memoirs with much awaited brand new material to bridge the gap in years. Life in the 1940s and 1950s was simple for young Christy. It was a life full of the adventures provided by the lane, the quarry and other places in the wonderland that formed the landscape of his childhood. Christy had lost his mother when he was five years old but the compensating love given by his father and a gaggle of aunts, cousins and neighbours ensured that life was always filled with laughter, love and warmth. After the nationwide success of Kenneally's first volume of memoir, Maura's Boy, and his second success, The New Curate, this new book gives a graphic account of the author's life in an Ireland far removed from the one in which we live today.

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ISBN 9781856354820

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