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Slim With Tina: Murphy, Tina

ISBN: 9781781173138

'A no-nonsense guide to real food for real people'

Image Magazine

This book is a complete lifestyle guide by Tina Murphy, founder and creator or the popular Run with Tina and Slim with Tina programs that have helped thousands of people to transform their lives.

Tina’s easy to follow plan will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and healthy eating, show you how to see food and your health in a new way so that you can lose weight easily, without actually needing to go on a diet.

Included are fifty simple tasty recipes, plenty of lifestyle advice, a beginners’ exercise program and the eating plan itself.

This plan is for real people with real lives so whether you have family to feed, work long hours or are on a tight budget this easy to follow program is suitable for you!

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