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Rock and a Hard Place Martin, Stephen J.

ISBN: 9781856355490

What is a chance at your dream worth? Being a rock star was all Jimmy ever wanted, but it was supposed to happen when he was seventeen, not in his thirties. Jimmy had spent the best part of twenty years building a career. He studied, he got a great job and he had worked hard at it. He was being groomed for stardom all right, but his stage was to be in a boardroom, not a beer-soaked and panty-strewn concert hall. 


Now it's coming to the crunch. While the band are wondering why his phone keeps ringing at rehearsals, his boss in work is wondering why he keeps coming into the office with bags under his eyes. 


Jimmy is starting to crack under the pressure. He's even started to call round to his Mam for chats in the evenings. The doctor is telling him to take a holiday - Greece, maybe? - but his boss and his manager have other ideas. Jimmy's going away all right, but he's going a lot farther than Greece...


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  • Rock and a Hard Place