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Ride On Martin, Stephen J.

ISBN: 9781856355292

Having given up his day job in middle management, Jimmy Collins and his band are famous rock stars. With two chart topping singles and an album nearly finished, things couldnt be better for The Grove. While Jimmy isn't too keen on being in the public eye on a regular basis, his drummer Aesop is thoroughly comfortable being a famous rock star and is taking full advantage of the legions of female fans clamouring for his attention.

But theres something about Aesop... someone seems to want him very badly, and if she can't have him then no one else is getting him. The Grove need to find a bodyguard. But where are you meant to find a professional who will put up with someone like Aesop? Who knows what he's like, has extensive Special Forces experience and, most importantly, the patience of a saint? There's only one man for the job but if he's going to do it, he's going to do it his way...

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  • Ride On