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Revolution in Dublin Gillis, Liz

ISBN: 9781781170519

The period 1913-23  in Dublin encompassed the Lockout, the Home Rule debates, the First World War, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War. These iconic events not only created the Ireland we live in today, but also helped generate change around the world. In these years Ireland went from being a loyal dominion of Great Britain to being the country that would initiate the demise of her Empire. The period has generated intrigue, excitement, inspiration and anger among generations of people and interest in the period shows no sign of waning. Much has been written on the iconic events and key figures of the period, but this book shows through fascinating photographs the story of the thousands of ordinary people who were involved in all these events, either as active participants, or those just trying to live through the upheaval. It gives a fascinating insight into the Dublin of the day and the lives of the people who lived there.


ISBN 9781781170519

  • Revolution in Dublin