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Rector Who Wouldnt Pray for Rain Semple, Patrick

ISBN: 9781856355605

What happens when a devout believer, a rector in the Church of Ireland, questions and then loses his faith in the miraculous aspects of the life of Jesus Christ? Patrick Semple writes about growing up and becoming aware of the world and his questions about God and religion. 


This gripping memoir is his story: the story of a Church of Ireland clergyman who no longer believes the basic doctrines of Christianity and has found insights in the teachings of modern astrophysics. Told by a man who understands, and has lived through, both sides of the story, The Rector Who Wouldn't Pray for Rain is also a picture of religious life in Ireland over the last sixty years, from an outsider's view. 


It spans the period of Catholic triumphalism of the 1940s, to the problems and benefits of the liberal secular society of today.




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ISBN 9781856355605

  • Rector Who Wouldnt Pray for Rain