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Rebel Corks Fighting Story 1916-22 - Introduction by Peter Hart Various

ISBN: 9781856356442

Originally published by The Kerryman in 1947, this is one of the four titles in the Fighting Stories Series. It records the events of the War of Independence in the words of the people who fought it and those who wrote about it at the time.


The book features reports on the Cork City Volunteers, the ambushes at Tureengarriffe, Clonbanin, Rathcoole, Tureen and many others, the murder of Tómas MacCurtain, the disastrous battle of Clonmult and the campaigns of the flying columns around the county from Mitchelstown to Blarney.


With a selection of original pictures from the conflict and reports from both Kilmichael and Crossbarry, Rebel Cork's Fighting Story is a treasure trove of information and intriguing detail.


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ISBN 9781856356442

  • Rebel Corks Fighting Story 1916-22 - Introduction by Peter Hart