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Psychopath? Why We Are Charmed By The Anti-Hero McWilliams, Stephen

ISBN: 9781781175903

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Ever wondered why your spine tingles when Hannibal Lecter escapes from custody? Or why a narcissistic, womanizing assassin for Her Majesty’s Secret Service is revered worldwide as a fictional hero? Or why you feel a thrill when Frank Underwood manipulates a naïve senator? Or why you root for Tom Ripley to avoid the clutches of the Italian police? 

Psychopath? takes you on a journey through the world of fictional villains and antiheroes – the lying, the cheating and the murder. Are they psychopaths in the true sense? Guided by the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, this book examines whether a fictional forensic psychologist might come to that very conclusion. More importantly, why do you long for the antihero to succeed? With each nefarious deed, sympathy and loyalty are garnered, pulling you in deeper with every turn of the page until finally, irresistibly you find yourself plotting with the psychopath.


  • Psychopath? Why We Are Charmed By The Anti-Hero

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