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Psychic Kids Gallagher, Lynne

ISBN: 9781856355513


Every one of us, at sometime or other, has witnessed unexplainable occurrences with children. Whether its a baby laughing and smiling at the ceiling, or children waking at night and refusing to go back to bed because of a monster or person being there. We have witnessed these things and probably tried to explain them away logically, or just pushed them aside as nonsense. 

This book attempts to explain these occurrences using very tangible realistic examples and explanations we can all relate to. It also looks at childrens precognitive abilities and examines how they can predict things from thunderstorms to miscarriages. Psychic Kids covers some childrens uncanny ability to convey messages and facts from dead relatives, people they either did not know or people recently dead that they were close to and talks about the Guardian Angels that appear at crucial times, saving childrens lives. 

Written in an accessible way, its a thought provoking easy read that introduces the reader to a more interesting angle on things they have experienced in their own lives and providing a starting point for them to delve further into experiences that may have puzzled and intrigued them in the past.


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'Ever wondered who your child's friend was? Now a book could have the answers to those paranormal questions'

- Irish Daily Mirror


'Crammed with examples of children who see ghosts, who are protected by spirits, have conversations with long-dead relatives, have lived in haunted houses or who have an uncanny ability to predict anything from a thunderstorm to a miscarriage'

- Irish Examiner




Lynne Gallagher was born in Liverpool in 1964. She was a gifted child, forming full sentences at 9 months and reading proficiently aged 4. She had precognitive dreams from the age of 3. She gained an Open University degree in History 1991. She started her own company, ‘Roo’ children’s interior design, in 2004, which featured in The Star, local Radio 3 and RTÉ’s Nationwide program. She now lives in Birr, Co. Offaly and has had articles published by numerous psychic magazines.

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