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Póg Mo Stone MacHale, Des

ISBN: 9781856355650

The definition of a true Corkman is someone who would go into a revolving door behind you and come out in front of you.


Cork has its own inimitable brand of humour - as distinctive as the River Lee, the Bells of Shandon or Cork hurling. Here is a collection assembled over many years of listening, and learning to appreciate the subtlety and genius of the gems of Cork humour. Through stories, jokes and anecdotes this book illustrates that the humour of Cork reflects Irelands colloquial wit at its best. Those new to Cork are in for a treat, and those not new to Cork, dont know the half of it!


Why are there so many great Cork pianists and so few great Cork violinists? Have you ever tried balancing a pint of stout on a violin?


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ISBN 9781856355650




  • Póg Mo Stone