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No Sex No Sleep: So You're Going to be a Father Fitzpatrick, Pat

ISBN: 9781781175323

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No Sex, No Sleep tells the unvarnished truth about fatherhood. Forget about magic moments and bonding, this is about puke, wet-wipes and enjoying the sex life of a hermit. Pat Fitzpatrick wants to tell new dads what they can expect in the first few years of their child's life, and give them a right good laugh along the way.

The book covers everything from buggy shopping, the labour ward, naming your child, bringing them home and dealing with the in-laws, to later issues such as choosing a school, time-outs, toilet training and much more. Written in short, digestible chunks No Sex, No Sleep can be picked up and put down as the mood takes you, and will make an ideal present for a first-time dad. It will also strike a note with any dad with small kids, or any mom out there who wants to know what their man is really thinking. Which is not much, other than I'd love to go to sleep for a month.

  • No Sex No Sleep: So You're Going to be a Father

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