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My Name is Philippa

ISBN: 9781781177938

Special Offer. Was €16.99 now €8.49. Happy Pride Month!

‘My Name is Philippa offers every reader a story that will change their heart. So be prepared, with a mind open enough to hear Philippa’s story, to feel altered by the palpable love that fills these pages. As she herself proclaims in the opening line, "This is primarily a love story”.’ Katherine E. Zappone.


With the support and help of her family, Philippa Ryder helped transform Irish culture. Growing up as a boy in the 1960s seemed wrong to her. Why did she want to dress in her sister’s clothes and later her wife’s? It wasn’t until the 1990s, she found she wasn’t the only person to do this. Philippa is transgender.


Transitioning from male to female wasn’t an easy journey. My Name is Philippa is a remarkable memoir, and above all, a story about love, understanding and a family who stuck together as Philippa moved from husband and father to wife and mother.


Within these pages Philippa offers answers to many questions people ask, genuinely, to understand what it means to be transgender. She describes the physical as well as the emotional process of Transition. Philippa’s life story joins the global march to freedom and empowerment for every gendered human being. She voices truth out of silence, courage through fear, and joy by following the horizon she sees.


  • My Name is Philippa