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Monkie Business Thomas, Debbie

ISBN: 9781781171707

Welcome to Remote Ken, an island with a mind of its own. A school trip to a rain-soaked island off the Irish coast is not Abbie Hartley’s idea of fun ... until she hears rumours of treasure hidden by medieval monks. With her best friend Perdita she sets off to find the priceless Goblet of Dripping. But they’re not alone. Hot on their heels are a vast villain, an ancient Inca emperor – and a curse that will turn their world upside down. With a grumpy Grandma, a wiggling wig and some quarrelsome classmates in tow, Abbie plunges into her wildest adventure yet. With crazy characters, wonderful wordplay and awesome adventures, kids will love this story!


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About the Illustrator:

Stella Macdonald has received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Tasmanian School of Art in Australia. She works as an illustrator, graphic designer, writer, cartoonist and animator, showing her short films and animations internationally.

  • Monkie Business