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Laying it on the Line: Collins, Jude

ISBN: 9781781177440

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A collection of interviews with diverse stakeholders, Laying it on the Line: the Border and Brexit gives voice to a wide range of views on the line across Ireland that everyone forgot.  Established a century ago, it has re-emerged as central to relations, turning into not just the border between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, but between the EU and the UK.

In this book we hear from those living in border communities, where social and economic life has flourished since the Good Friday Agreement.  With Brexit, their lives and livelihoods risk serious damage.  

Interviewees include former Taoiseach John Bruton, historian Diarmuid Ferriter, MEP Martina Anderson, Derry footballer and barrister Joe Brolly, former RUC officers and British soldiers, and a wide range of other politicians, journalists, experts and people affected in Northern Ireland.  Economically and politically, we are entering uncharted waters where dangerous winds blow. 


  • Laying it on the Line:

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