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Keeping the Faith Flannery, Tony

ISBN: 9781856354844

Keeping the Faith is a candid and fresh assessment of where the church is going wrong, written by a man who has devoted his life to serving it. For over thirty years Tony Flannery has devoted his life to preaching the message of Christ as a priest of the Catholic church. Gradually, however, he has become ill at ease with the church's tendency to preserve its institutional well-being rather than proclaim the message. Focusing on issues such as the misuse and abuse of authority, infallibility, the Virgin Birth and abolishing compulsory celibacy for priests. Flannery questions whether the clarity of Christ's teaching is obscured by a church that has become over-centralised and dogmatic. This fascinatingly honest books delves into the modern perception of the church and looks at its future in a country historically reliant on the religious institution. Keeping the Faith poses many questions but also provides suggestions about where the church can go from here.

  • Keeping the Faith