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Joseph Walshe

ISBN: 9781856355803
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Having a unique insight into different aspects of diplomatic history from the Civil War until after World War Two, Joseph Walshe was responsible for guiding the fledgling Foreign Service for twenty-four years and much of the infrastructure of the service was built by him and those he directed. 
Recalled to Ireland from Paris in 1922 as the Treaty split the country and with only a short time as a diplomat behind him, Joseph Walshe went on to serve twenty-four years as acting secretary and then secretary of the External Affairs department. His inexperience was echoed by the inexperience of all those who ran departments in the emerging Free State. 
His first challenge was to establish External Affairs as a strong, independent department despite the general opinion that it was unnecessary. Despite his initial opposition to Fianna Fáil and his fears that they posed a threat to the state, he subsequently worked closely with de Valera when his party came to power in 1932. During the second world war he was deeply involved in maintaining the states policy of friendly neutrality despite pressure from British and later American diplomats and politicians.
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ISBN 9781856355803
  • Joseph Walshe