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Jokes from the Pubs of Ireland

ISBN: 9781856352635
€4.99 €4.49

Notice hung in Harry's the other night: Honest workman with corkscrew would like to hear of a widow with a pub!


We have a wild character who comes into Harry's. He is a young fellow named Billo with more money than he has earned, and a red face, which isn't from sunshine. The other day he was caught gunning his Mercedes (mark the word) the wrong way down the South Mall by a garda, who asked him where he was going.

I'm not too sure, sez Billo through a kind of mist, but wherever it is I must be late, cos everybody seems to be coming back already.

Dinny was standing in the street the other day when an English chap came up to him and said: I say old chap, could you show me the way to the nearest boozer? Says Dinny, hopefully: You're looking at him.

ISBN 9781856352635

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  • Jokes from the Pubs of Ireland