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I Signed My Death Warrant Dwyer, T. Ryle

ISBN: 9781856355261

Eamon de Valera sent Michael Collins to London in October 1921 to negotiate a treaty with the British Empire. The difficult negotiations took eight weeks before the Treaty was signed by Collins, Arthur Griffith and the other delegates in December 1921. 


To Collins, the Treaty was simply the start of a process that, in his eyes, would lead to full independence for what was now the Irish Free State, but there were many in the south who believed that Collins had betrayed the republican movement. 


Just hours after signing the Treaty Collins wrote: 


'Will anyone be satisfied at the bargain? Will anyone? I tell you this early morning I signed my death warrant...'


Eighty five years on from the historic signing of the Treaty, I Signed My Death Warrant is a compelling study of the controversy surrounding the infamous negotiations and the motivations of the two main Irish protagonists, de Valera and Collins.


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ISBN 9781856355261




  • I Signed My Death Warrant