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I'll Stop Tomorrow Campbell, Paul

ISBN: 9781856355384

During his drinking days Paul Campbell let down and hurt many people - his family and loved ones in particular. Alcoholism is known as the family illness and it truly is. Before alcoholism kills, it usually destroys the lives of loved ones, the ones ironically that care about the alcoholic the most. Much of this book is written with these people in mind. To Paul Campbell's mind, family members are usually the silent victims of alcoholism. 


This book is not written by an academic or a doctor. It doesn't have carefully drawn charts or squiggly diagrams describing a variety of personalities and behavior patterns. This book is written by someone who had everything, who lost everything, who went through the living hell of chronic alcoholism and the tough times of recovery. 


Ultimately though, he is proof that there is hope for everyone - even the most crazy, out-of-control, self-destructive alcoholic. Paul Campbell discovered that giving up drink was only half the battle. Living and enjoying life is the real challenge.


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ISBN 9781856355384

  • I'll Stop Tomorrow