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Gaffers 50 Years of Irish Football Managers Keane, Trevor

ISBN: 9781856356664

Did you know that an Irish manager did not pick the Irish football team until 1969? Do you know who that manager was? Contrary to popular opinion, Irish football management did not begin with Jack Charlton! From the early days when Irish footballers travelled across the Irish Sea on ships through to today's superstars, the role of the Irish manager has changed and this book charts their experiences as both players and as managers in the dugout. The Irish Football manager is a high profile and prestigious position with many dramatic highs and lows. Including over 55 personal interviews from all the key personalities and the people who knew them best, this book gives a long overdue insight into what its like to be the manager of the boys in green. For lovers of statistics (and there are plenty!), the book lists results for all the managers during their time in charge as well as their win/loss ratio, so we can finally decide who was the greatest manager Ireland ever had...




ISBN: 9781856356664

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  • Gaffers 50 Years of Irish Football Managers