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Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking Pierce, Valerie

ISBN: 9781781172049

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Focus is natural. We are born with an instinct to focus on exactly what we want and a very strong pair of lungs to help us to get it. Then, somewhere along the way, we begin to lose that focus. In the digital age we are bombarded with information from all angles and live our lives at such a breakneck pace that it sometimes seems that our lives are completely out of our control.

In three easy steps this book teaches the reader how to regain control through the art of clear thinking:

1) FOCUS eliminate information overload

2) TRANSFORM negative thinking into positive action

3) THINK CLEARLY in the moment The author shows how you can use this strategy to achieve your goals in work and in life.

Here is a handy infographic on how to focus:

Isbn: 9781781172049

  • Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking

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