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Fighting for the Cause: Kerry's Republican Fighters Horgan, Tim

ISBN: 9781781175613

Was €19.99 Now €12.99

The untold stories of some of the men and women of County Kerry who gave their all in Ireland’s fight for independence.

In Fighting for the Cause well-known Kerry historian Dr Tim Horgan tells the stories of some of the Kingdom’s extraordinary men and women who fought for an Irish Republic. They include the Fenian Jerry O’Sullivan, who blew up a wall of Clerkenwell prison in 1867 in an attempt to free two prisoners; Bridget Gleeson and Nora Brosnan, who were both incarcerated for their Republican activities; John Cronin, whose attacks on the British forces in 1920 were so audacious that he was considered a maverick by his own brigade commanders; Pat Allman, who was hidden above the Gap of Dunloe to recover from bullet wounds sustained in a fight with Free State forces; Paddy Landers, who spent nine months in Limerick Gaol, from where he would attempt to broker peace during the Civil War; and David Fleming, whose sustained hunger strikes in the 1940s would destroy his health and lead to long-term psychological trauma. Each of the people profiled in this book suffered for ‘the Cause’ but none faltered in what they considered to be their duty to Ireland. 

  • Fighting for the Cause: Kerry's Republican Fighters

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