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Fabulous Jelly Healy, Susannah

ISBN: 9781781171806

We all know what we should be eating and diet gurus abound, yet over 40% of the population is still overweight. Why? Because most of us find it so damn difficult to get 'in the zone' long enough to stick to a new eating plan that we really couldn't be bothered. In 'Fabulous Jelly' author and psychologist Susannah Healy describes the triumphs and failures of her own weight loss (including an absolute fortune spent on re-joining weight loss clubs), before she learned to use her own professional experience to design a plan that worked for her. Now two stone lighter, Susannah shares her secrets about how to get your brain to work with and not against you in weight loss, using research from neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology. Susannah shares her eating plan that will get you motivated – and provide results.

This book is not a life-long eating plan, but it will kick-start your weight loss, give you the motivation to keep going and stop all the rubbish clichés about 'completely new you' that are sabotaging your weight-loss goals. It's a fact: frozen veg are the new avocado!

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