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Easter Dawn: The 1916 Rising Bunbury, Turtle

ISBN: 9781781172582

In the long and epic fight for Irish independence, few events match the drama and tragedy of the Easter Rising of 1916.

Inspired by the legends of old and bonded by a mutual dream of an independent Ireland, an extraordinary alliance of   men and women sought to overthrow the British authorities  that had ruled the island for long centuries past.

'Easter Dawn: The 1916 Rising'  charts the story of the Easter Rising from the landing of the guns at Howth for the Irish Volunteers in 1914 through until the arrests and executions that followed it.

The battlegrounds that erupted across Dublin City and elsewhere in Ireland form the stage for an extraordinary cast.

The fate of those involved – rebel and loyalist alike – is told through eyewitness accounts and media reports. Intricately researched and emotively written, the narrative is woven around contemporary photographs, many rare and unseen, providing a fresh look at the people and places involved.

The book offers an insight into how the rebel actions were channelled by their connections to the Irish in England, as well as the Kaiser’s Germany, and the increasingly powerful Irish-American community on the far side of the Atlantic Ocean through Clan na Gael and the Ancient Order of Hibernian.

It also gives an overview of the impact of the Rising and shows how the execution of its leaders fostered a new generation of Irish Republican zeal that would come of age in the Irish War of Independence.

As the centenary of 1916 approaches, this book is ideally suited for anyone seeking an accessible, impartial and dramatic view of that immense week.

  • Easter Dawn: The 1916 Rising

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