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Dancing the Rainbow O'Hanlon, Lani

ISBN: 9781856355469

Have you ever sat in the audience but wished you were on the stage? Or maybe you are a naturally creative person but sometimes you feel blocked or find it hard to keep going? 

If you ever breathed in with joy when you saw a particular colour, like the colour of the gorse or the sea, and would like to recapture that feeling and build on it, this book is for you. It will help you to become fitter in body and soul, to slow down your thinking and worrying and inhabit your body with more passion and ease. 

Lani O'Hanlon brings the creative and healing arts together in Dancing the Rainbow. It includes the story of how movement and dance transformed her life when she started to use dance to heal the trauma in her own body, and her book sets out to also transform the readers life through dance. 

With easy to follow illustrations throughout, it uses tried and tested methods to unlock creative potential in a way that is in balance with the bodys rhythm and with the rhythm of the Earth.

  • Dancing the Rainbow