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Course of Irish History Keogh, Prof. Dermot, Moody, Dr. T. W. & Martin, Dr. F. X.

ISBN: 9781856357555

The Course of Irish History is the classic general history of Ireland, covering the economic, social and political development of the island of Ireland from prehistoric times to the present day. It provides a comprehensive overview of the major events, personalities and movements in Ireland's past that have shaped the country which exists today. In this edition, Dr Dermot Keogh provides a new chapter covering the momentous changes that occurred in Ireland between 2001 and 2011, including: the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger, the fall of Ireland from grace in the E.U., the property collapse, the demise of the Catholic Church following a series of sex abuse scandals, the banking crisis and government bailout, sporting triumphs and cultural and literary achievements.


This remarkable period in Ireland's turbulent history is examined by Professor Dermot Keogh, an expert in the field, in the spirit of objectivity that shapes the rest of The Course of Irish History. First published in 1967, The Course of Irish History has been regularly updated and revised in response to the continued demand for a balanced view of Ireland that is both popular and authoritative. It is widely regarded as the best single-volume overview of Irish history. The book is illustrated throughout and includes a detailed bibliography and chronology to aid further research.



ISBN 9781856357555

  • Course of Irish History