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Colm And The Lazarus Key Crowley, Kieran Mark

ISBN: 9781856356466

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Colm thinks that spending a fortnight with his cousin The Brute is the worst thing that can happen to him this summer. He's about to find out that he's wrong. While driving The Brute home, Colm and his parents stop for the night at a quiet, old hotel. The Brute falls in love for the first time, with the mysterious American granddaughter of their hotel owner and forces Colm to help him win her over.


When strange things begin to happen, Colm finds himself in the middle of a baffling and exciting adventure. Colm and The Brute must overcome their dislike of each other and work together if they're going to find Colm's parents and solve the murky mystery of the Lazarus Key.


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ISBN 9781856356466

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  • Colm And The Lazarus Key