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Celebrated Letters of John B. Keane Vol. 1 Keane, John B.

ISBN: 9781856351560

Tull MacAdoo TD is kept busy procuring jobs and IRA pensions for deserving voters and keeping his spendthrift son under control. Somehow he must also contest an election and save his reputation while holding fast to his personal philosophy: Forage between honesty and crookedness and do the best you can. 


Martin O'Mora, the Parish Priest of Lochnanane dispenses justice in his own inimitable way. While battling for the souls of his parishioners, he must also deal with his nephews shaky vocation, a sex-crazed curate and an uncontrollable outbreak of inflatable dolls. 


The clients of Dicky Mick Dicky O'Connor require spouses that are willing, wealthy and in perfect working order - difficult to find in the underpopulated hinterlands of Ballybarra, but anything is possible for a gifted matchmaker.


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ISBN 9781856351560

  • Celebrated Letters of John B. Keane Vol. 1