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Battle for Kilmallock, The (MHICW) O'Callaghan, John

ISBN: 9781856356923

The battle for Kilmallock took place between 25 July and 5 August 1922 in County Limerick. It was one of the largest engagements and a key turning point of the Irish Civil War. When the Free State army captured Limerick city in mid-July 1922, Republican forces retreated south towards Cork and made their next determined stand around Kilmallock. This area barred the way to the heartland of the Munster Republic.

In one of the largest and most intense battles of the Irish Civil War, Free State and Republican troops fought for possession of Kilmallock, Bruree, and Bruff, with the latter two towns repeatedly changing hands. The eventual Free State occupation of Kilmallock was a vital turning point in the war.

In The Battle for Kilmallock John O'Callaghan outlines the goals of the opposing forces, assesses their respective strengths, charts the course of the combat over two weeks in late July and early August, examines key strategies and evaluates the role of leading personalities. The book challenges inherited wisdom about the engagement and offers sobering insights into the conduct of the belligerents.


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ISBN 9781856356923



  • Battle for Kilmallock, The (MHICW)