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Ballads of a Bogman Clifford, Sigerson

ISBN: 9781856350105

Sigerson Clifford has set his poems against the mountain backdrop that edges Dingle Bay from the Laune to the Inney. He has a special feeling for the beauty of the valleys and mountains of Kerry. With a rare sense of intimacy he takes the reader through the dew-wet grass of sloping fields, or to sit with him in a cosy pub. In these ballads Clifford has caught and held the witchery of Kerry. 


The verses, wistful and gay, recall the comings and goings of a people whose lime-whitened houses nestle in the hills between the bog and the lighthouse. The author displays a true gift for ballad poetry in the tricks and turns of speech he employs in this charming collection.


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ISBN 9781856350105

  • Ballads of a Bogman