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52 Proverbs to Build Resilience against Anxiety and Panic O'Nualláin, Fiann

ISBN: 9781781178317

Fiann Ó Nualláin brings the ancient wisdom of Irish proverbs to life with the help of modern techniques like mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In this practical self-help book, you'll find 52 proverbs that speak directly to the worries and stresses of modern life.

These proverbs are more than clever idioms.

They are the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors passed down through generations as a way to navigate life's challenges. By reading these proverbs and following the accompanying exercises, you'll be able to chart a course through life's obstacles and find greater happiness, calm, and meaning.

So if you're struggling with anxiety or just looking for practical guidance for living a more fulfilling life, 52 Proverbs to Build Resilience against Anxiety and Panic is the perfect resource. With its blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, it's sure to become a go-to self-help book for anyone seeking peace and calm in a hectic world.

'An ingenious concept, unearthing profound and practical advice from ancient Irish proverbs. I applaud this novel approach, finding the marriage of exquisite sayings, the wisdom of salient tips, from breathwork to mindfulness and therapeutic exercises, incredibly empowering.' - Karen Ward, psychotherapist, shamanic teacher and author of The Secrets of Ageless Aging and Glorious Goddesses of Ancient Ireland.


  • 52 Proverbs to Build Resilience against Anxiety and Panic

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