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A Happy Type of Sadness: A Journey Through Irish Country Music Martin, Kevin

ISBN: 9781781175828

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The first book of its kind in Ireland, A Happy Type of Sadness takes the reader on a journey through the world of Irish country music. The book charts the contribution made by pioneering singers like Larry Cunningham to the development of country music in Ireland, as well as providing in-depth profiles of the lives and careers of some of Ireland’s biggest country stars, including Daniel O’Donnell, Margo O’Donnell, Susan McCann, Nathan Carter, Philomena Begley and, of course, the ‘king’ of Irish country, Big Tom McBride. Incorporating a wide range of interviews with those who work in all areas of the industry – performers, managers, songwriters, producers and journalists – it also looks at the significant role Irish emigrants played in the development of the music in America and the importance of dancing in the country world.

An engaging and accessible look at Irish country music, A Happy Type of Sadness is the perfect tribute to a part of Irish culture that is too often overlooked.

  • A Happy Type of Sadness: A Journey Through Irish Country Music